We're Burlington Python.
  1. Is it true you serve free pizza from Leonardo’s at every Meetup group?

  2. What are you all about?
    We are a local peer group of professionals and students around Burlington learning how to code together. Currently we have about a dozen active members that attend our bimonthly Tuesday evening meetup. Most of us have had some exposure to programming, but are not professional developers. This is a learning community.

  3. What and how are you learning?
    Our backbone is a book series called Real Python. The books take you from absolutely 0 (installing Python and basic syntax) all the way up to building an enterprise-grade web application. As we master concepts and libraries taught in the book, we are jumping off from there and building cool applications, which you can see here!

  4. Do you spend your Meetup time just going over the book, or do you do other activities?
    We do a combination of project presentations, pair programming, and sometimes going over exercises from the book. The reading material is primarily “homework”, while we use meetup time to present and work on projects together.

  5. Shucks! This all sounds really cool but you’ve started without me…
    Come join us anyway! If you’re really starting from zero coding knowledge, check out Codecademy’s Python track before coming to a meetup, or if you prefer to learn in person, come to our beginner’s workshop on Friday and Saturday, June 5-6th. You’ll start being able to follow along in our meetups in no time.

  6. What action should I take right now to jump on board?
    RSVP and come out and meet the team at one of our Tuesday night Meetups. The worst that will happen: pizza. :)