What we did on 1/16/15

Posted by Zev Averbach on January 16, 2015

Five of us learned the basics of git, using pieces of the Pro Git book. Josh Lee from QC Creative made a surprise visit and set us straight on some git things.

Now that we’re equipped with git knowledge, all the active meetup members will fork the Next Vermont Developer GitHub repository, and, when appropriate, do pull requests for code they’ve written that has something special about it – like the best approach to a given exercise, for example.

Later – but not much later – we’ll keep any collaborative open-source projects we originate in the same repo.

The materials for today:

  1. install git.
  2. set up git (only the “your identity” paragraph).
  3. create/clone a git repo.
  4. make changes to a git repo.
  5. push/pull changes to/from a remote repo.

A note: Anytime the tutorials below say “vim” something, you can feel free to just open whatever file they’re referring to in Sublime Text.

Also, depending on your familiarity with the command line, you may want to brush up on/Google the commands “mkdir”, “cd”, “ls” (“dir” in Windows), “.”, “..”, and “/”.